Start your own business selling ALUEH handmade silver jewels

You´ve been thinking about it.. now, you have the opportunity of starting a business at you own pace, from home, offering different silver jewels that make the difference with any outfit... at very good, fair prices.  

ALUEH offers you the chance of getting our catalog, together with 3 different pieces that you may choose, the ones that you like the most, to let our friends and relatives appreciate the design and perfect finishing of our handmade silver earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.  Our catalog will let you offer the whole collection, your jewels will speak for you!

Let us know of your interest in becoming an independent entrepreuner!

A different present for Valentine for her: Send her silver roses!

Give her something different: silver roses! From only US$45, offers you silver roses in out-of the ordinary jewels: earrings, bracelets and rings to surprise her.  Get a jewel for the same price of sending flowers... Try a different present for Valentine this year, silver roses that she will take with her all the time, and last forever!

Alueh´s silver roses jewels are entirely handmade in Peru by expert artisans who care about the finest details, and packed in a luxury gift box that make the jewels a unique gift at responsible prices.

Start your own business selling ALUEH silver jewels


Selling ALUEH handmade silver jewels: an attractive business

Earn extra spending money, quit your job or fund your dearest dreams, by becoming an ALUEH representative.  As a Rep, you will receive a discount code for you to make the purchases at prices 20% lower than the published prices, so your customers can shop necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets from you anywhere, anytime. 

All our sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings inspired in nature, all handmade in Peru by expert artisans who express their love for nature in every detail. 

If you own a boutique or fashion store, including Alueh silver jewels will be a perfect complement in your store: handmade fine silver jewels, at great prices! Ask for a quotation , from 6 units of any of our exclusive silver bracelets, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

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Amazonite and turquoise jewels on sale

Our amazonite necklaces, rings and earrings on sale at extraordinary prices.  Watch our Andean turquoise rings, handmade in sterling silver, by artisans  in Peru.

Sterling silver threads just for you

Sterling silver can be made into threads, like the ones we use rings, bracelets and earring. This threads can also be braided, we have chains made with this technique.


The magic about Alueh, is that all this process is handmade. We have great peruvian artisans working the sterling silver to give life to our jewelry.

How to know if it is a sterling silver jewel

Sterling silver is defined as being at least 92.5% silver.  Silver used in ALUEH jewels comes from Peru, one of the top silver producers in the world.   Peruvian silver is always sterling, as it is not only 925 but in many cases, it it 95% pure silver.  This is called 950 silver.  

Peruvian artisans inherit the techniques from their ancestors, most of them come from families that have been making it for generations.